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We've been around since 1984.  We try and bring in unique and exciting things.  We have branched out in a few different directions, since we started.  There are things which I have made, which I'm bringing to you.  Some items you probably have never seen before.  Hopefully, it is something to excite you.

I haven't changed my prices on my Jewelry since 2008 and 2009, so this is a good time to buy my Jewelry.  If you do see something you like and you just can't afford it right now, I do accept Layaway for a short duration (like over a couple of months) with a Deposit down. The Deposit is a Non-Refundable, due to me taking the item off the Market. Please email me in regards to this.

We have items for Coin Collectors, for people who love Gold and Jewelry, for people who collect Ancient Artifacts and people who are spiritual.

Hope you enjoy your visit.

I no longer have a website which has the Shopping Cart, so if you are interested in something I have, please email me for Shipping prices.

Payments Accepted: 

Paypal (You must pay for the Fees when doing any of the Credit Cards):

Visa, Mastercard, DiscoverCard, American Express & E-Check

Paypal (No Fees):  Balance Transfer

Money Orders and Cashier's Cheques in US Dollars.

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Coin Cleaning Supplies (Limited Supply)

I have Electroclean Units (what others call Coin Zappers), Sets of Leads to hook up the Units to the Power Supply and Extra Clips to add more coins to your Unit.  I also have extra parts, like the Graphite Rods and Set of 4 Copper Screws.

Egyptian Corner

On this page, I will have Egyptian items, such as Kaftans, Egyptian Silver and Gold and even a Tabla (Drum).

Gemstone Jewelry

I have Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces and Sets made with Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones and mixed with Bali Silver, Sterling Silver and Thai or Indian Gold.

Jewelry - Thai Gold, Sterling Silver and Dichroic Watch

I have Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets that are made in Sterling Silver and Thai 22kt or 24kt Gold and 1 Dichroic Watch which is beautiful.

Swords, Religious Artifacts and Misc. Items

There are Swords and Tibetian Religious Artifacts on here.  Eventually, anything which might be odds and ends or don't fit into the other categories above, will go here.

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