Our Guide to Jewellery

Our Guide to Jewellery

  • Recommendations to Help You Design Your Custom Wedding Ring

    Designing your wedding ring will ensure you get a unique piece. Your wedding ring needs to shine bright and be a reflection of your personality. You will be wearing the ring every day. Thus, it needs to be a piece you love and cherish. Knowing where to start when building a custom ring can be tricky. Here is advice on where to begin as you design your custom wedding ring.

  • Choosing The Best Body Jewellery Materials For Customers With Sensitive Skin

    Any body piercing business has to cater to a wide variety of customers if it hopes to turn a profit, and providing body piercings and jewellery for people with sensitive skin and/or skin allergies is vitally important. Many people will have painful, irritating skin reactions if pierced with jewellery made from unsuitable materials, causing piercings to heal improperly and putting a serious dent in your business's reputation. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of piercing and jewellery materials that can be safely used on people with delicate skin.

  • About Me

    Our Guide to Jewellery

    Our number one passion in life is jewellery. We aim to present you with lots of useful info about how to buy, maintain and sell different types of jewellery. So, if you want to learn about vintage watches, diamond rings, necklaces which hold rare stones or pearl jewellery, we're your source for all this and more. While we certainly do not make any claims about being experts in this field, we have dedicated many months of our time to researching this subject. We hope you find what we have published here informative and entertaining. Read on to find out everything you need to know!