Our Guide to Jewellery

Our Guide to Jewellery

Choosing The Best Body Jewellery Materials For Customers With Sensitive Skin

by Kim Ward

Any body piercing business has to cater to a wide variety of customers if it hopes to turn a profit, and providing body piercings and jewellery for people with sensitive skin and/or skin allergies is vitally important. Many people will have painful, irritating skin reactions if pierced with jewellery made from unsuitable materials, causing piercings to heal improperly and putting a serious dent in your business's reputation.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of piercing and jewellery materials that can be safely used on people with delicate skin. If you are looking for new piercing supplies and jewellery suitable for people with sensitive skin, look for piercing supplies and jewellery made from the following materials.


Often considered the gold standard of piercing metals, titanium is an excellent choice for most piercing enthusiasts with sensitive skin. Titanium piercings are chemically non-reactive and contain only trace amounts of other metals, making them safe for almost anybody to use, including first-timers.

There are also other reasons to stock jewellery and piercing supplies made from titanium. It is extremely strong, and titanium piercings and jewellery can withstand incredible punishment. It is also lighter than surgical steel and other commonly used metals, making body jewellery pieces lighter and less likely to migrate.

If you want to use titanium piercings and body jewellery at your piercing business, bear in mind that they can be pretty expensive. Some titanium also contains trace amounts of nickel; this usually isn't a problem but can cause reactions in people with extremely sensitive nickel allergies.

Surgical stainless steel

Surgical stainless steel is one of the most widely used materials for creating body jewellery and piercings and is prized by piercing professionals for its low reactivity. While not as chemically non-reactive as titanium, surgical stainless steel is safe to use for most people with sensitive skin. It is also considerably cheaper than titanium, making it an excellent choice for first-timers who don't want to spend too much on a sensitivity-safe piercing.

Like titanium piercings, surgical stainless steel piercings can contain trace amounts of nickel, which can cause allergic reactions in some cases. When purchasing surgical stainless steel piercings for your business, make sure to only choose pieces made from 316L or 316LVM stainless steel, as other stainless steel grades are not safe for use in piercings.

Surgical plastics

Piercings made from conventional acrylic plastic are generally not suitable for people with sensitive skin, but there are options for people who want the comfort and unique looks of a plastic piercing. Piercing and jewellery made from surgical-grade plastics, such as Tygon and Bioplast, are excellent for people with sensitive skin, as they are completely hypoallergenic and will not cause irritation in most people. For people with nickel allergies, surgical plastic piercings and jewellery can quite literally be a lifesaver.

To learn more, contact body piercing jewellery suppliers.


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