Our Guide to Jewellery

Our Guide to Jewellery

How Art Deco Jewellery Can Add Glamour to Your Look

by Kim Ward

Art deco's geometric designs have been a popular inspiration for jewellery since the 1920s, and are just as stylish today. Why should you consider getting art deco designs in your jewellery box?


Art deco jewellery uses dramatic designs to make bold statements. It tends to include vibrant colours and stones that make intricate patterns and even tell stories. The result is a kind of jewellery that is absolutely fearless. Many designers were interested only in making their own visions real, without worrying about what others might make of them. The jewellery was made to be shown off rather than hidden. As such, art deco earrings became fashionable when women began to wear shorter hair, so they would have been clearly visible and worn to make a statement. This style, therefore, displays a confidence and boldness that is just as relevant today.


The heyday of art deco was the period between the First and Second World Wars. This was a period of great optimism, as people wanted a break from the past and fix their eyes solely on the future. Dressing up and frequent social events were very much the norm, and women, in particular, found themselves with new freedoms and opportunities. The art deco style embodied this positive and forward-looking view of life by making a break with the styles of the past and displaying a revolutionary creativity. By wearing art deco today you can tune in to this glamorous period, and channel some of the optimism from this time period.


A third reason for wearing art deco is the artistry of the designs themselves. These pieces have an attention to detail that is astonishing. The intricacy of the designs and the arrangements of the stones in them show a craftsmanship that has rarely been surpassed. The filigree work, in particular, is almost impossible to replicate in modern pieces because of the different methods of manufacture. Diamonds and precious stones were cut in new ways specifically for use in jewellery, and many designers took full advantage of them. An art deco piece, therefore, shows that a huge amount of care has been taken in its design and manufacture.

Art deco jewellery embodies the highest standards of design, whilst harking back to an era of optimism and creativity. If you want to bring a touch of class and glamour into your life, it is the ideal choice. For more information, contact a company like Gray Reid Gallery.


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