Our Guide to Jewellery

Our Guide to Jewellery

Precious Stones for Custom Wedding Rings That Are Excellent Diamond Substitutes

by Kim Ward

Getting married to the love of your life is a momentous occasion. And while your ceremony should be memorable, this day is fleeting. What will serve as a symbol of the love you have for each other for years to come is the wedding rings that you wear. While some people automatically associate wedding rings with diamonds, it is essential to note that although this gemstone is costly, it also has become the go-to solution for couples the world over. Hence, diamonds are viewed more as a status symbol rather than having sentimental value.

If you are looking to gift your partner a wedding ring that is as rare and as special as they are, you should think out of the box and opt for a custom wedding ring. Customised wedding rings not only allow you to personalise this piece of jewellery to suit your loved one's taste but their lifestyle too. Consider the following precious stones for your loved one's custom wedding ring that will prove to be excellent diamond substitutes.


One of the most versatile gemstones in the market, opals are available in a vast range of hues. While most people are familiar with black opals as a popular choice, the dark-bodied variety is not the only option available. Instead, this silica-based precious stone is also available in lighter hues that have a dazzling play of colour effect, which makes them look like they exhibit all the colours in a rainbow.

In terms of price, opals can vary from economical to premium-priced depending on the vibrancy of the colours. With that in mind, flawless black opals are the most expensive to acquire with prices running as high as tens of thousands of dollars per carat. The main drawback to note is that opals are inherently soft, making this custom wedding ring better suited to individuals that do not work with their hands.


If you have believed that sapphires are exclusively available in deep hues of blue, you are grossly mistaken. Certainly, this is one of the colours that this gemstone is available in, but it is important to know that it is not the only one. If you are looking to design a one-of-a-kind custom wedding ring for your fiancée, you can consider striking hues such as yellows, reds, greens and even pinks.

Moreover, uniqueness is guaranteed when you opt for a sapphire because similar to fingerprints, no two gemstones are identical since there is a multitude of variances in the shades of colours that they are available in. Not to mention that sapphires are intrinsically robust so they are more durable than their opal counterparts. When it comes to cost, unlike black opals that can rival diamonds per carat, sapphires are much more affordable without sacrificing quality, making this gemstone ideal for anyone that wants a custom wedding ring on a limited budget.


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