Our Guide to Jewellery

Our Guide to Jewellery

Two Myths about Engagement Rings

by Kim Ward

Here are a couple of common myths about engagement rings.

The person who wants to propose has to pick out the ring without consulting their partner

One common myth is that the person who wishes to propose to their partner has to pick out the ring on their own, without seeking their partner's opinion. This can put a lot of pressure on this person to choose the right engagement ring, as this is an item that their partner will likely wear for the rest of their life. Furthermore, if a person does this and ends up selecting a ring that their partner doesn't feel suits their hand or their personal style, it could make what should be a beautiful shared moment in the couple's life a bit disappointing.

Unless the person who would like to propose to their partner feels very confident that they can select a ring that their other half will love, it is usually best for them to propose with a temporary ring that is inexpensive, and which they can use to simply symbolise their desire to marry their partner. Then, when their partner has accepted their proposal, they can take them shopping and let them pick out their permanent engagement ring. This approach takes the pressure off the person who is proposing, allows the couple to have the romantic experience of getting engaged with a ring, and still ensures that the person who will permanently wear the ring gets to select one that they absolutely love.

An engagement ring has to have a huge diamond

Another myth is that engagement rings have to have huge diamonds. In reality, there are many situations in which it might be better for the engagement ring to have a small diamond (or several small diamonds). For example, a couple who are on a tight budget would be better off getting a ring with a modest-sized diamond that they can easily afford, rather than buying a bigger one on credit so that they don't begin their married life with financial issues.

Additionally, if the person who'll be wearing the ring has a job or a hobby that involves working with their hands or requires them to wear latex gloves (for example, if they're an artist, a medical professional or a tradesperson), then wearing an engagement ring with a huge diamond, that could tear their gloves, get encrusted with paint or get scratched by some construction tools, would not be a practical choice.

For more information about engagement rings, contact a local jeweler. 


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